Brave browser has become one of the fastest-growing browser’s that is being used today. But why exactly are so many people using it? What is the reason behind it being a big success? Let us have a look at it in today’s review of the brave browser


The first version of the brave browser was launched on 20th January 2016. It was created by the combined efforts of Brian Bondy and Brendan Eich. Brendan as you might know was the creator of Javascript and the former CEO of Mozilla Firefox.


You might have noticed that when you search for something in Amazon and after a while when surfing the web there will be advertisements related to the product you just viewed on Amazon. This is because Google collects all your data and hence knows your entire browsing history even if you delete it. They are paid by companies like Amazon to show customer specific ads and that is the reason why you see ads related to the product you just viewed.


Although there are a lot of browsers out there the main reason why people prefer using brave is because of its security features. Brave unlike others does not collect your data and hence your data is secure. Another main reason why you should switch to brave is because of its ad-blocking feature. The inbuilt adblocker in brave is soo good that once you enable it there will not be even a single advertisement. Youtube has been showing a lot of advertisements recently so that more people will switch to Youtube premium. but once you switch to Brave you can notice that there wouldn’t be a single add not only in youtube but on any websites.


Yes, you read that right where Google gets paid when you see ads in Brave you can get paid to see ads!! There is an option using which you can enable ads in Brave. Once you do this you won’t be seeing ads by Google but ads by Brave which appear as a small notification on your computer screen.


Once you enable the ad viewing option you will get paid each month in BAT which is Brave’s very own cryptocurrency. The companies that need to show their ads in Brave also need to pay in BAT due to which there is a large chance that BAT might see tremendous growth in the future. You can also support your, favourite creators, by donating BAT using an inbuilt feature in Brave which allows you to support them. Since the number of people switching to Brave is constantly increasing there is a lot of chance that the value of BAT will increase and this is a free method using which you can invest in crypto without paying anything.


Oof! Looks like we don’t seem to be running out of good things! Another major advantage in Brave is that as it’s based on Chromium you can use all your browser extensions which is not possible with Firefox.

In a study conducted by The School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, it was found that Brave is the most secure browser followed by Mozilla and chrome. As of February 2021, there are more than 20 million active users who use Brave on a daily basis. If you still arent convinced to switch to Brave then I need you to just think of something for a second. Will so many people use something if its not good? That too replace Chrome (owned by Google) which is a Tech giant. Hope that I was able to convince you. Have a good day! αποχαιρετισμός💓




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